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Enter Into the Solace of the Lord


Hannah, a woman from the Bible, experienced firsthand the promise and reality of God’s friendship. She found solace in His presence. Childless and relentlessly pro­voked by her husband’s other wife, Hannah had nowhere to turn. Yes, Hannah certainly fell into the category of one who was mercilessly perse­cuted by an enemy, an adversary, a rival. This other woman chided and taunted Hannah year after year, scoffing and laughing at her barrenness (see 1 Samuel 1).

But when Hannah went up to the house of the Lord to worship in Shiloh, she poured out her problems and woes to Jehovah. He is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. In Hannah’s case, even closer than her husband. In God’s presence, there was solace and rest. He provided camaraderie. In His presence, there was help and healing. Hannah left that place of worship repaired, replenished, and rapturous!

You, too, have a friend in the Lord God who provides solace for you from your enemies and your problems. You, too, can enter into the pres­ence of the One who provides a haven of rest while you are on the run. Do you need a visit with Him now? Just approach the Lord … and delight yourself in Him and in His friendship.

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Loving Your Family — and In-Laws


How would you rate your relationships with your family? It’s sad to have to say that most family relationships are not what God desires them to be. Many times, we do things that hurt our parents or family members. And, at other times, one of them does something to hurt us. That’s often the way it is in a family. And that’s also the way alienation begins.

I recently heard of a mother and daughter who hadn’t spoken to each other in over 30 years. What a loss for those two family members! And compounding this tragic sin were the many grandchildren who had never seen their grandparents, not to mention grandparents who had never seen their flesh and blood grandchildren. Oh, what a loss!

Dear friend, don’t let this happen in your marriage. You can’t change another family member’s heart toward you, but you can surely change yours. Ask God to heat up your heart toward your family members. Take to heart Paul’s advice from Romans 12:18 and make the effort to “live peaceably with all men,” including your family and in-laws. Then go the next step and make things right between you.

In your family relationships, be the …
Mature one who chooses to have a heart of forgiveness.
Kind one who prays for your loved ones.
Friendly one who reaches out and makes an effort to have God’s kind of relationship.

And don’t forget to draw upon the resources of prayer, the Word of God, and the power and fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). By God’s grace, you can extend love to your family!

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Church Is a Great Mother-Daughter Time  


I don’t know what stage of daughter-raising you are in right now, but it’s never too early to take your daughter to church. Mary took Jesus to “church” when He was only eight days old. We see Him in the temple again at age 12 (see Luke 2:21, 41-46).

And it’s never too late to take your daughter to church. The more she goes, the more friends she will make, the more she will feel like she fits in, and the more fun she will have. And, of course, the more steady and powerful the influence the Word of God will have on her heart and mind.

And what if she’s not too excited about going to church? Well, hang in there. The time is now. Start praying. And be faithful about attending church yourself. As a parent, you are responsible to train up your daughter in the things of the Lord. So make the decision to go to church and hold to it.

Don’t forget to make going to church special—pick up donuts on the way, or have lunch out afterward. Encourage your daughter to bring along a friend. Be sure to include lots of love and encouragement … and prayer that God will break through to her heart and show her the joy of knowing the Lord.

In Raising a Daughter After God’s Own Heart, with her biblical insight and child-raising experience, Elizabeth guides you through the development of your daughter’s spiritual life of faithfulness, obedience, and joy lived daily.

Embracing Thankless Tasks


Tired and thirsty from a long journey, Abraham’s servant, Eliezer, waited by the town well in Nahor. He stopped there and prayed. Eliezer asked God to bring the right woman for Isaac, Abraham’s son. Specifically, he asked that she would offer him a drink of water. Before he’d finished speaking, “Behold, Rebekah … came out with her pitcher on her shoulder” (Genesis 24:15) Eliezer saw right away that Rebekah was a working woman. Probably twice a day she took a heavy clay pitcher to the town’s water source to draw precious water. Then, she would complete her task by carrying it home to her family.

  • Notice Rebekah’s beautiful qualities of diligence and faithfulness.
  • Look carefully at her tireless industry and humble willingness to engage in menial work.
  • Observe her ability to do demanding work and thankless tasks.
  • Marvel at her servant heart that placed the needs of her family above what others might think.

Do you view menial work as degrading? In your mind, is physical work to be done by other people and not you? Do you dread working on “necessary, but thankless” tasks? In His Word, God praises the enchanting-but-industrious Rebekah. If you’re tempted to put off or disdain difficult work, look to this beautiful woman as an example.

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