Cooking and Cleaning

There’s nothing you can do that God can’t use. From cleaning up to being a keynote speaker at a conference, you can contribute to and be part of the work of Christ. Luke 8:1-3 describes a group of faithful women who used their money and means to support Jesus and His disciples on their preaching tours. Martha and Mary were two sisters who regularly hosted Jesus and His disciples for dinner and rest in their home (Luke 10:38). The mother of John Mark hosted a prayer meeting at her house (Acts 12:12). In Romans 16:1-2 Phoebe is described as a servant in her church and a helper of many.

What a thrilling parade of women! And what did they do? Cooking, cleaning, working, praying, hosting, giving, helping. Nothing you and I can’t do!

Lord, may I never underestimate the gifts You’ve given me. Help me see how I can offer practical, hands-on help when needed. Thank You for the opportunity to be a modern-day Phoebe-a helper of many. Amen.

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