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Giving Generously

“Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.” (Luke 6:30)

My husband, Jim, has given away our cars, our groceries, our money, his clothes, and our home to be used by others when we are away! He follows Jesus’ command to give to everyone (Luke 6:30), hoping for nothing in return (Luke 6:35). Giving generously can be difficult though, can’t it? Especially when God calls us to give in the generous way He does. He even gives to those who are unthankful and evil … and expects us to do the same (verse 35)!

I’m learning to be more generous and to care for others by giving (verse 38). One woman who truly inspired me is my friend Billie. While Jim and I lived as missionaries in Singapore, Billie and her husband came for a visit. As we shopped the port harbor and street vendors, my friend bought two of everything—and then she gifted me the second of each (batik clothes, Christmas ornaments, dinnerware) before she left! What an unexpected delight.

You and I may not give away cars, clothing, or china every day. But we can give joy to others by giving what we have generously.  Here are a few ideas:

Determine to withhold nothing—Proverbs 3:27 tells us, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.” What is “in the power of your hand”? Think non-tangible items for a moment … perhaps encouragement, a note of thanks, being kind, a helpful deed, or a note of appreciation. These are just a few of the good things we can choose to share.

Become a generous soul—Give both material and non-material blessings bountifully, cheerfully, above and beyond (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)! Here’s motivation for you: “The generous soul will be made rich.” (Proverbs 11:25) Becoming a “generous soul” can be a process, but it’s worth it.

Give of yourself—Your presence alone can be a source of comfort. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right words to say or the perfect scripture to share. In many situations, your touch can bring far more comfort than words. Keep these in mind: a smile, warm ques­tion, gentle touch, tender hug, and use of a person’s name.

By God’s blessing, I’ve grown to enjoy giving. A simple way that helped me is by regularly asking God, “Who can I give to that is in need? How can I bless others with the blessings You’ve given me?” Financial giving was part of the answer, but my giving went beyond money. It touched every part of my soul and possessions. You and I have groceries in our cupboards, clothes someone else could wear, baby items a mother may need, encouraging books to edify others. By God’s grace and transforming power, He can give us open and generous hearts to meet the needs of those around us.


Dear Lord, thank You for Your Word that shows me how to give without holding back. Please forgive me for the times I withhold my blessings from those on need. Show me how to grow in generosity. Amen.


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Who has the Lord put in my path that I can give to today who is in need?


Give both material and non-material blessings bountifully, cheerfully, above and beyond (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)!

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Jim and Elizabeth George

Jim and Elizabeth George are bestselling authors and national speakers dedicated to helping people live a life after God’s own heart. Together, they have written over 150 books with more than 14 million copies sold around the world. For over 35 years, the teachings and steadfast example of Elizabeth and Jim have helped countless men and women:

  • Simplify life by focusing on God’s priorities.
  • Appreciate God’s Word and apply it to everyday situations.
  • Respond to circumstances with confidence by seeing yourself through God’s loving eyes.
  • Increase closeness in marriage by serving and honoring each other.
  • Powerfully shape the hearts of children and teenagers.
  • Enjoy greater intimacy with God.

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