Put “Prayer” on Your Schedule

When you or I don’t schedule something, it usually doesn’t get done. And the same is true with prayer. You can think about praying. You can talk about praying. You can worry about praying. You can wish to be praying. You can even pray to be praying! But until you schedule the act of prayer, it probably won’t happen regularly.

So pick an amount of time and a set time. I began my personal journey into prayer with five minutes a day! My overriding principle was Something is better than nothing! My five minutes became the bait that drew me into experiencing sweet, precious times of prayer-many of those times extending on and on. Forget the clock! Once I was started, I couldn’t stop! Sure, there were those days when five minutes was all there was. But I began small and, in time, witnessed mighty effects! And the same will be true for you when you schedule a prayer time each day. Big things begin small.

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