The Qualities of a Godly Man

In Ruth 3 we meet Ruth, a virtuous woman. But did you know the book of Ruth also details the qualities of a virtuous man? God’s list of virtues exhibited by Boaz’s sterling life includes:

Diligent-Boaz is described as “a man of great wealth” (Ruth 2:1), and we see him carefully and thoughtfully overseeing his property.

Friendly-Boaz greeted his workers with warmth and even welcomed a stranger named Ruth (2:4,8).

Merciful-Noticing Ruth at work, Boaz asked about her situation and acted on her behalf (2:7).

Godly-Boaz asked Jehovah to bless Ruth in return for her care for Naomi (2:12).

Encouraging-Boaz pointed out Ruth’s strong qualities and spoke of them to cheer her on (2:12; 3:11).

Generous-Boaz gave Ruth extra food even though Ruth was willing to work for it (2:15).

Kind-Naomi thanked God for the kindness He showed to her and to Ruth through Boaz (2:20).

Discreet-Boaz sent Ruth home before daylight to protect her reputation (3:14).

Faithful-Following through on his promise to Ruth, Boaz “went to court” to clear the way to marry her (4:1-12).

Are you single? Look for these qualities in the man you seek. Don’t settle for less than the best.
Are you married? Prize, praise, and pray for these qualities in your husband.
Are you a mom? Instill these qualities in your daughters and sons.

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