Understanding Your Blessings in Christ

Elizabeth George explores the book of Ephesians in this engaging Bible study series. What spiritual riches does every believer possess as a child of God? And how can women make use of those resources in their lives?

Elizabeth will lead you to a deeper appreciation of what you possess in Christ by exploring the:

  • Spiritual blessings God has given each of us.
  • Keys to becoming spiritually strong.
  • Divine design for a fulfilling relationships.
  • Spiritual armor that protects in life’s battles.

This study makes the quest for spiritual maturity an exciting, practical, and inspirational journey.

Appropriate for personal use or group study.

“Elizabeth George does a fantastic job breaking down each chapter and verse in the Bible’s book of Ephesians. You will certainly be “steeped in the Word.” Understanding Your Blessings in Christ is great for ladies’ Bible study groups.”

Janice in GA

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