Expressing Your Commitment to God


From the start of Abraham’s journey with God and throughout his life, Abraham built altars as he moved through the land God promised to him. He offered sacrifices on those altars and prayed to God (Genesis 12:8 and 13:4). Those altars of worship, set up in the midst of a pagan world, served as a public witness to Abraham’s commitment to the one true God.

Today prayer testifies to our faith in God. Building an altar and praying were to Abraham what “giving a blessing” over our food in a busy restaurant represents for us today. Everyone sees you pray! By this one act you make a statement: “I owe my food—and my life—to the providence and provision of God. I am one of His people. And I am acknowledging my dependence on Him, even down to the very food I eat.”

Have you publicly shown your devotion to God today?

Drawn from Knowing God Through Prayer by Jim George, in which he shares the keys to meaningful communion with God. We could all benefit from some guidance on how to pray with more fervor and faithfulness. And there are no better prayer mentors than the men and women of the Bible. They talked with God and touched His heart. Get to know them through this great resource!

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