Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone by Elizabeth George

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you like change? Some people say that they do; some people quickly respond that they don’t. I bet that most people don’t welcome a change that challenges their comfort zone. But, challenging those comfort zones is exactly what God does to grow us.
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Meek to Mighty by Elizabeth George

Meek to Mighty

“I used to be so confident. But now I feel like such a loser.” Do you feel this way? My God never asks for us to have confidence in ourselves. He only asks that we have confidence in Him! And when God commands, He also supplies. This is true for every area of your Christian life. You can get up every day, go to your closet, and select the spiritual clothes you’ll wear for the day. Here’s a partial description of God’s approved wardrobe.

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26 Ways to Bless Your Dad by Jim and Elizabeth George

26 Ways to Bless Your Dad

Father’s Day gives families the time to thank dads for the many ways they meet our needs. While we can show that appreciation more than one time a year, let us take time to count the many blessings we enjoy because of our husband, and show him blessings in return.

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