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Our True Citizenship by Jim and Elizabeth George

Our True Citizenship

The temptation for worldly acceptance comes when you lose sight of your identity. As a believer in Christ you are a Kingdom citizen. You are a sojourner and a pilgrim, merely passing through this life on your way to eternity. Don’t get too settled in a world and a life that is passing away.
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Keeping a Prayer Journal by Elizabeth and Jim George

Keeping a Prayer Journal

I know from personal experience that living a life of prayer is not easy. Our lives are filled with a multitude of activities that tend to crowd out time for prayer. How many times have you been guilty of telling someone that you would pray for them? Your heart genuinely yearned to be a part of bringing their need before the throne of God. And then what happened? I’m sure that, if you’re like me, more times than you would like to admit, you forgot about the promise to pray before you rounded the corner of the church building! Why? Because you didn’t write the request down.

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Praying for the Right Things by Jim and Elizabeth George

Praying for the Right Things

Paul knew the importance of strategic prayer in his own life and the lives of others. And he knew what to pray for. His prayers focused on spiritual issues. He knew that if those he was praying for were spiritually mature, they could handle anything.

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