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Concise and insightful. Around five-page summary, comments, and highlights for each book of the Bible. Very useful as a study aid and arouses desire to read the Bible more. Adds substance and gives a good vantage point from which to re-read Bible having noted the outline, purpose and tone of each book/letter in advance. Proud to add to the collection!

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Lift Up Your Eyes by Elizabeth George

Lift Up Your Eyes

Psalm 121 is one of comfort and consolation. The pilgrim lifts up his eyes to the hills, the same hills where the Father "promised his blessing, even life forevermore" (Psalms 133:3), and he is pleased to know that help is coming. He then proceeds to...

elizabeth-george teaching-versus-training

Teaching Versus Training

Many fathers are convinced that they aren’t cut out to teach the children, but this is simply a matter of perspective and word choice. Fathers do teach. They simply do so in a manner more respective to...
elizabeth-george honor-your-dad-this-fathers-day-and-always

Honor Your Dad This Father's Day and Always

The words, “honor your father,” appear many times throughout the bible. In fact, it’s one of the ten commandments right alongside, “honor your mother.” In fact, it is the first command that provides a promise, “… so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” Ephesians 6:1-4 Honor is defined as, “To highly respect or greatly esteem.”
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