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Elizabeth and Jim George

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Concise and insightful. Around five-page summary, comments, and highlights for each book of the Bible. Very useful as a study aid and arouses desire to read the Bible more. Adds substance and gives a good vantage point from which to re-read Bible having noted the outline, purpose and tone of each book/letter in advance. Proud to add to the collection!

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elizabeth-george the-fruit-of-redemption

The Fruit of Redemption

Redemption is an ongoing process. It has to do with so much more than our initial salvation. We need to know the answer to the question, “Does our ongoing deliverance from the power of sin come from our best efforts to keep God's law or is it also by trusting in the Lord Jesus as we did when we first met Him?”
elizabeth-george independence-from-the-oppressor

Independence From the Oppressor

Our nation’s founding fathers approved the wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This declaration gave the people of this newly formed country a freedom they had not experienced before. Though it took many years for it to become a holiday that is readily celebrated, it has always been a pivotal time in our nation’s history.
elizabeth-george the-fathers-diverse-creation

The Father's Diverse Creation

We are blessed to be able to live in Hawaii on a part-time basis. Besides the weather, the residents are the friendliest people in the world. Even with all the tourism, the Hawaiian people, made up of all races, are kind, courteous, and helpful. This has certainly been our experience, and others have validated our observations. The residents seem to be genuinely happy!
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