Asking for Forgiveness by Elizabeth and Jim George

Asking for Forgiveness

When a conversation goes wrong and escalates into a battle, we have to deal with the aftermath and assess our part. It may help to ask yourself, "Am I shifting blame to others, making excuses for my actions, or am I accepting responsibility?" It’s amazing how many excuses we can come up with and how much blame shifting we do after giving in to sin.

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Seeing the Power of Commitment by Jim and Elizabeth George

Seeing the Power of Commitment

“How can anything be so thrilling and yet so sobering?” This question was repeated over and over in my heart as Jim and I celebrated yet another military change of command for a dear friend and neighbor. The parade ground was packed with troops in formation who had been standing there for well over an hour before the ceremony even began.

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God's Will in the Workplace by Jim and Elizabeth George

God’s Will in the Workplace

Over the years, people have often asked me how they could “know” God’s will for their career. They thought if they had that answer, they would get a much clearer perspective on their jobs and their direction in life. I tell them God’s will regarding their work isn’t some mystical revelation they have to hunt for. Rather, it’s spelled out clearly in the Bible.

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