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Elizabeth and Jim George

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Concise and insightful. Around five-page summary, comments, and highlights for each book of the Bible. Very useful as a study aid and arouses desire to read the Bible more. Adds substance and gives a good vantage point from which to re-read Bible having noted the outline, purpose and tone of each book/letter in advance. Proud to add to the collection!

Joseph T. (Amazon) about The Bare Bones Bible(R) Handbook

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elizabeth-george three-routines-for-productive-home-management

Three Routines for Productive Home Management

The woman who is beautiful in God’s eyes, “watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” (Proverbs 31:27) “So what did you do today?” I can expect this greeting from my sweet husband every day when he arrives home.


Main Themes of the Book of Matthew

If you want to understand God's Word more deeply, start with today's devotion about the main themes of the book of Matthew. The gospel of Matthew tells us that Jesus has conquered the power of death, and promises that He is coming again!

Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management

Each new day presents opportunities to grow your faith, manage your work and goals, and make good use of the time God gives you. How can you effectively manage your time better tomorrow?
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