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Alphabet of Blessings by Jim and Elizabeth George

Alphabet of Blessings

The holiday season can be a time for us to thank spouses for the many ways they meet our needs. But, do we show that appreciation more than one season a year? Do we take time to count the many blessings we enjoy because of their care for us, and show them blessings in return?

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Thanksgiving and Heartfelt Gratitude by Elizabeth George

Thanksgiving and Heartfelt Gratitude

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for God, each other, our family, and you, our treasured friends in the faith. May God open up the windows of heaven and bestow blessings like you've never experienced. May He make His face to shine upon you. May He heal your body, heart, and mind. And may He draw you close to Him.
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A Memorable Thanksgiving by Jim and Elizabeth George

A Memorable Thanksgiving

Holidays should be a time of joy accompanied by family and friends. There is really no need to stress over the details. It’s a time to be thankful and celebrate peace. We can eliminate most of the busyness of the holidays by simply planning ahead, and not taking on too many major projects.
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