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A Picture of Transformation

A Picture of Salvation by Elizabeth George

Joshua 2 was the subject of a Sunday School class I taught and remember vividly. It stands out to me because this chapter features the life of Rahab and gives us a picture of transforming faith. I wanted to pass on these exciting truths of how...

Finding Purpose After the Nest is Empty

Finding Purpose After the Nest is Empty by Elizabeth George

Becoming an empty nester presents many unexpected challenges, especially when we are used to having a home bustling with children. For years, our calendar was marked with...

Teaching Kids at Home

Teaching Kids at Home by Elizabeth George

Over the last year, parents have certainly experienced the challenge to rise to a new level with their children where their education is concerned. Our little ones have been taught...

Create a Friendship with Your Spouse

Cultivating a Friendship with Your Spouse by Elizabeth George

Have you and your husband ever had a wake-up call in your relationship? Have you experienced that sobering moment when you realized you are no longer the same couple you were in the dating and newlywed years? One day, you and your spouse-to-be were...

Women Leaders of the Bible: Miriam, Sister of Moses

Women Leaders of the Bible: Miriam, Sister of Moses
Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron, and the daughter of Amran and Jochebed. She is one of seven major prophetess' in the Bible. The first time we meet Miriam in the Bible she is just a young child. Her mother...

Growing in Humility

Growing in Humility by Elizabeth George
So often we struggle with God and postpone our submission. Let's take a quick look at and learn from the way Mary submitted to God.

A Study on the Character of Moses

A Study on the Character of Moses
God’s servant, Moses, was called by God to lead His people, about 2 million of them, out of bondage and out of Egypt (Exodus 3:1-22). It started when he was tending to his father-in-law’s sheep in Midian. He led the...

How to Trust God in Difficult Times

Trust God in Difficult Times by Elizabeth George
"Oh, the heartache! Will it ever go away?" Perhaps these words darkened Sarah's thoughts the day she followed her full-of-faith husband, Abraham, out of Haran. Leaving Haran, the place where she'd married her beloved, was bad enough, but ...

Studying the Word in Context and Perspective

Studying the Word in Context and Perspective
The Word of God is the original omniscient, third-person point of view, kind of story. God, Himself, is the main character. A book like this differs from any other in that we can’t possibly try to put ourselves in God’s mindset to understand what we’re reading. After all...

Getting into God’s Word

Getting into God's Word by Elizabeth George

Can you grasp why making a choice to spend time with God in His Word is so important? Getting into the Bible and having quiet time alone with God causes you to grow-to grow in the knowledge of Him, which then helps you grow in...

Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time by Elizabeth George

Have you thought much about time? The 24 hours, the 1,440 minutes of your each and every day? During the years of youth, didn’t it seemed that time couldn’t go fast enough for the next milestone you were anticipating? But, I am sure you, like me, now find that time has accelerated to warp speed. […]

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The Servant Shall Be Exalted

The Servant Shall be Exhalted by Elizabeth George

Isaiah is considered among the greatest of the Old Testament prophets because of his many predictions of the Messiah. For instance, Christmas is the time when...