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From Our Hearts

Having a Quiet Time

Quiet-time elizabeth-george

DEVOTION: When my mother-in-law was seriously ill, I cared for her by the hour. As I did, I was reaching deep in my reservoir! There wasn’t time for my usual Bible study, but I found strength in the many quiet times I'd had over the years.

26 Ways to Bless Your Dad

26-Ways-to-Bless-Your-Dad Jim-George

Father’s Day gives us and our children the time to thank dads for the many ways they meet our needs. But, do we show that appreciation? Here are 26 ways to bless your dad!

Qualities of a Godly Dad

Qualities of a Godly Dad by Jim George
Have you considered the importance of presenting the right kind of model for your children? There is a source of wisdom that shares all the qualities of a godly man and dad ... and how you can attain them. 

Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management
DEVOTION: The day is over, your good intentions have gone up in smoke, and you’re exhausted. Where has the time gone? And how can you effectively manage your time better tomorrow?

How to Trust God in Difficult Times

how-to trust-God-in-difficult-times elizabeth-george
Backward gazes can be dangerous and impede spiritual growth. So how can we look forward and faithfully trust God in difficult times?

How Do I Make the Best Decisions?

How Do I Make the Best Decisions?
DEVOTION: Life is full of choices. So, the issue is not the mere act of making choices itself, but rather learning how to make not just good choices, or better choices, but the best choices. Learn how today!

The Impact Fathers Have on Their Children

TheImpact-Fathers-Have-on-Their-Children by Jim-George
DEVOTION: Dad, your children are observing your life, logging your activities, and repeating your actions, whether good or bad. And the results of a father’s influence will show up in children at some point in the future. Make sure you are having a godly impact.

How to Make the Most of Summer

Making the most of summer by elizabeth george
DEVOTION: Seasons seem to go by in an instant! Here are practical ideas you can put into action to be purposeful to pause and develop the relationships with your family members that will last a lifetime!

Understanding the Bible - Teen Tuesday

Understanding the Bible - Teen Tuesday
DEVOTION: In the Bible, we have God's guidelines for our every need, issue, and day. The Bible comes from God and is “given by inspiration of God.” Here are 5 steps to help you grow in your love and understanding of the Bible.

4 Steps to Being a Great Dad

DEVOTION: To encourage you along the process of being a man after God’s own heart, here are 4 steps to help you being a great dad!

A Woman of Purpose

A Woman of Purpose
DEVOTION: If you are a widow, no matter what happens, where you are, or what your life involves, God’s got you covered. And He has a purpose for you. Here are 3 ways you live this purpose out.

Raising Godly Children

Raising Godly Children by Eilzabeth George and Jim George
How does a young mom raise godly children? These three Bible verses show God's guidelines for Christian parents.