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One Word Themes for the Books of the Bible—Ruth

One Word Themes for the Books of the Bible—Ruth by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Do you know the one-word theme of the book of Ruth? Learn about the main points, the key characters, and simple & personal applications for spiritual growth and daily living from Ruth.

How to Maximize Your Time—Teen Tuesday

How to Maximize Your Time—Teen Tuesday devotion by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Do you usually spend a few hours in the evening scrolling through your phone or texting? I used to watch hours of TV, but over time, I began to maximize my night hours. Here are 5 practical ways you can make the most of your time too!

God's Mercy

God's Grace by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: God's grace and mercy are abundant and way more than adequate for all our sins. Because of God, we can leave our old life in the past and embrace new life in Him.

Studying God's Word Isn't a Chore

Studying God's Word Isn't a Chore by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Studying God’s Word should never be a labor or a chore; it should always be a delight. Here's encouragement to fill up on God’s promises and instructions and find a satisfying, nourishing, enlightening experience.

Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: I remember the day I first read about the Proverbs 31 woman and discovered the meaning of the word “virtuous.” As a result, I began to pursue her excellence. How about you?

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: How does this sound? Grow to rest in the Lord. Hand your schedule to Him. God perform His perfect work in you. If that's how you'd like to start this New Year, here's helpful wisdom.

The Secret to Wisdom

The Secret to Wisdom
DEVOTION: How many times a day do you need God’s wisdom? As I write these words, it’s almost noon, and I’ve already counted on God’s wisdom several times today. Isn’t it wonderful that all you have to do is ask Him for guidance with a heart full of faith?

A Christmas Story

The Christmas Story by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: With faithful hearts, the shepherds responded to the good news of a Savior born. As we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus, let’s take a look at the Christmas story and our response to this amazing news.

On Your Own

On Your Own
Many of us juggle responsibilities in our homes, churches, families, and communities, feeling alone in the middle of such busyness and efforts. But there’s nothing believers will have to do or bear alone. Here's why.

Who is Jesus?—Teen Tuesday

Who is Jesus? by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION—TEEN TUESDAY: Have you been taught about Jesus by your parents or a friend, but you aren’t sure exactly who Jesus is? Follow with us as we explore 1 Timothy 3:15-16 and who Jesus Christ is.

Stewarding Christmas Spending

Stewarding Christmas Spending by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Which representation of worldly wealth is your biggest obstacle to godly stewardship? Your house? Your possessions? For many of us, it’s finances. This Christmas season, let's follow God’s wisdom around money.

God’s Redemption Plan 

God's Redemption Plan
DEVOTION: You cannot save yourself. However, God had a plan of redemption... through Christ’s perfect sacrifice...foretold in Isaiah. This is the best news and the best gift.