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From Our Hearts

5 Virtues of a True Friend

elizabeth-george 5-virtues-of-a-true-friend biblical-resources christian-resources
DEVOTION: Being friendly and approachable is a Jesus quality. You may believe that anyone could talk to you or ask something of you, but you may also be sending a message that says you already have enough friends, or you’re too busy to be bothered. Ask God to look into your heart. Pray for an approachable spirit that will reflect the heart of Jesus.

Our Closest Friends

Our Closest Friends

DEVOTION: As a Christian, you already have a perfect friendship. You have a friend in Jesus Christ. But God also provides other people with whom you can and should have friendships. The bible teaches us that it is not good for man to be alone and that as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Genesis 2:18 and Proverbs 27:17). 

Lord, help me to always see you as the most important friendship in my life. And help me to seek and develop relationships that are healthy, godly, and meaningful to both my life and theirs.



What We Can Learn from David and Jonathan

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DEVOTION: Commitment, loyalty, and selflessness are so essential in any friendship. David and Jonathan’s friendship was characterized by these qualities even in the midst of adversity. They loved and encouraged each other in the Lord.  They met as young men and warriors, and our last glimpse of their faithful friendship is of David mourning Jonathan’s death. Theirs was a to-the-end-no-matter-what friendship. Choose to be like David and Jonathan. 

Prayers for Friends

Prayers for Friends
DEVOTION: Every prayer you lift up for your friends reaches God’s ears and heart. Ask Him to use His power, strength, and wisdom to help the people you care about. Are you friends with others who encourage and build you up in the faith? Are you making the effort to grow spiritually so you can be that kind of friend to others?


Your Wife's Best Friend

elizabeth-george jim-george your-wifes-best-friend
DEVOTION: Think back on the days when you were courting your wife. What did you do to nurture your relationship with her? Take a moment to write a list, then make a commitment to do some of these activities again—the activities that helped you to become best friends.

3 Ways to Become Best Friends With Your Husband

elizabeth-george jim-george be-your-husbands-best-friend a-womans-high-calling
DEVOTION: Your friendship and love relationship with your husband must be faithfully and diligently nurtured, even in the midst of the duties and chaos of raising your children. Here are 3 things you can do to help become your husband's best friend.

3 Steps to Trust God and Increase Faith

DEVOTION: Our thoughts and actions rely heavily on experiences. This is why it is important to live a life of gratitude and love. When we are bombarded with doubt, it helps to recall the blessings He has given us, the trials He has walked us through, and the stories of triumph He has given us in His Word.


6 Things to Pray for Others

6 Things to Pray for Others by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: When we love people, we can’t help but pray for them because we carry them in our hearts. Start by praying these six ways and then build upon them from there.

Suffering for Doing What is Right

Suffering for Doing What is Right by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Everyone’s been in situations where there’s strife and malice with others. And it can be so easy to succumb to our negative emotions and actively engage in the conflict. Thank God for His peace!

Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Our emotional state often sets the standard and tone for our home. Here are three guidelines for gaining emotional stability so that we can make our home happy. 

What Is My Purpose?

What is my purpose by Elizabeth George
Do you know what your purpose is, dear one? Can you boldly declare, “For this I was born” and know what the “this” is? Here are encouragement and wisdom to find your purpose.

Love Others

Love Others by Elizabeth-George
DEVOTION: When others think of you, do they think of someone they can trust with their hopes and their troubles? Are you someone they can go to for wise counsel? Do you love others well?