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Dealing with Hardships

Dealing with Hardship
DEVOTION: If today is “one of those days” you would rather forget, remember that God is available to you and He gives you the means to deal with hardship. 

God Is In Control

God-is-in-control elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: More times than not, your situation is out of your control, but it is always in God’s control. So rather than worry, choose to pray and put your hope into the loving hands of God. 

The Main Themes of Genesis - Teen Tuesday

The Main Themes of Genesis - Teen Tuesday
DEVOTION: As the first book of the Bible, Genesis lays the foundation for everything that is to follow. Throughout Genesis is the awesome power, the holy judgment, and the tender mercy of God. We also witness His grace as He sets in motion His plan to save mankind. Here's a look at the main themes of Genesis.

Freedom in Christ

freedom-in-christ elizabeth-george jim-george
DEVOTION: The greatest kind of freedom is freedom in Christ. Are you declaring the freedom God has given you in your life? Here's some help so you can be prepared for questions people may have regarding Jesus.

How To Be Discipled

How To Be Discipled

DEVOTION: If you can mentor under an older woman, that’s wonderful! If not, don’t despair. There are many other ways to be discipled.

How Does God Communicate with Us?

How-Does-God-Communicate-with-Us? by elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: Many people wonder how God talks with His children. Today, He speaks through what I call “the four Cs” which answer the question, "How does God communicate with us?"

6 Ways to Become Beautiful in God's Eyes

What-Makes-A-Woman-Beautiful-in-Gods-Eyes elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: You and I don’t need to be discouraged or feel overwhelmed by God’s standard for beauty because He gives us, day by day, a lifetime to reach it. Here are 6 ways to become beautiful in God's eyes.

How To Be Content

How To Be Content
DEVOTION: Would people say you are content? That you are satisfied with what you have? If you are looking for an example of a woman who is content, 2 Kings 4 introduces us to just such a woman.

Having a Quiet Time

Quiet-time elizabeth-george

DEVOTION: When my mother-in-law was seriously ill, I cared for her by the hour. As I did, I was reaching deep in my reservoir! There wasn’t time for my usual Bible study, but I found strength in the many quiet times I'd had over the years.

26 Ways to Bless Your Dad

26-Ways-to-Bless-Your-Dad Jim-George

Father’s Day gives us and our children the time to thank dads for the many ways they meet our needs. But, do we show that appreciation? Here are 26 ways to bless your dad!

Qualities of a Godly Dad

Qualities of a Godly Dad by Jim George
Have you considered the importance of presenting the right kind of model for your children? There is a source of wisdom that shares all the qualities of a godly man and dad ... and how you can attain them. 

Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management
DEVOTION: The day is over, your good intentions have gone up in smoke, and you’re exhausted. Where has the time gone? And how can you effectively manage your time better tomorrow?