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From Our Hearts

Boundaries and Promises

Boundaries and Promises
Children thrive when they are raised in a home that implements structure; so do we. Sure, rules give guidance and instill boundaries, but they also bring freedom. It’s all about perspective. God’s Word...

Season of Promises

Season of Promises
Once I calmed down, I regained that quiet assurance and contentment that comes from believing and trusting in the promises of God. God is in control—everything will be...

Parenting the Heart

elizabeth-george parenting-the-heart
Our behavior is heart driven. There­fore, correction, discipline and training, every aspect of parenting, must be addressed to the heart. The fundamental task of parenting is...

Our True Citizenship

elizabeth-george our-true-citizenship
The temptation for worldly acceptance comes when you lose sight of your identity. As a believer in Christ you are a...

Listen, But Don't Be Silenced

elizabeth-george listen-but-dont-be-silenced

Our world has been going through so many changes lately. Though most of you might agree that we’d be better off without them they really do cause us to...

Trusting God With Everything

elizabeth-george trusting-God-with-everything
Contentment is almost an extinct virtue, yet it is one of the greatest blessings in the world. The Word of God calls us to be content. In fact...

Power in Prayer for Couples

Power in Prayer for Couples

There are few things that can change a marriage the way prayer can. Over and over we witness couples whose marriage was on the brink of uttering the dreaded...

How to Study the Bible Effectively

elizabeth-george how-to-study-the-bible-effectively

Consider this a guide to help you walk through practical ways you can get the most out of your study time and to find out for yourself the meaning of scripture as well as its origin. Over time you will develop your own techniques and style in how to study the Bible, and that is how it should be!

The Truth About Godly Marriage

elizabeth-george the-truth-about-godly-marriage

GOD'S PURPOSE FOR MARRIAGE: Many times in our ministry we’ve listened to couples contemplating how the 50/50 model works in marriage. While it may seem logical, it is not biblical. We are complete in Christ. We are without spot or wrinkle when presented to our Holy Savior as His bride. How can that be so if we’re only half a person in marriage?

God's Providence

elizabeth-george gods-providence

GOD'S PROVIDENCE IN OUR LIVES The story of Boaz and Ruth is such an amazing example of our relationship with the Lord. This Jewish redeemer from the tribe of Judah, who possesses the finest of qualities is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. He extends such grace to Ruth who feels so unworthy of it. Then, we discover that Boaz knew all about Ruth and her commitment before she knew anything about him! God prepared it all in advance.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

elizabeth-george give-us-this-day-our-daily-bread

FINDING ALONE TIME WITH GOD: Our salvation does not begin at death. It begins here and now. He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Jesus is alive and well and looking to spend time in fellowship with us.

Biblical Misfits and Heroes

elizabeth-george biblical-misfits-and-heroes

I’ve heard many sermons and read many books that tell the tale of a dozen misfits that we admonish as biblical heroes; the apostles. None more clearly demonstrate to us just how human these men of God were than the Bible itself. Read about how Jesus used Peter's strengths and weaknesses in the Bible.