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Enjoying Homemaking

Enjoying Homemaking Elizabeth George
When we take our homemaking seriously, it becomes a profession and a pursuit — and a passion. It speaks loudly and blesses many, especially future generations.

"Little White Lies"

Little White Lies Elizabeth George
Do you exaggerate? Bend the truth? Be purposefully vague? "Little white lies" may seem harmless, but they are actually a sin. Let's talk about honoring God with truthfulness.

How Can I Be Humble?

How Can I Be Humble?
DEVOTION: A college student asked me, “How can I be more humble?” Believe me, this took some thought. But here are some of the answers I gave her.

No More Nagging

No-More-Nagging Elizabeth-George
DEVOTION: A nagging, argumentative, complaining, ill-tempered woman drives people away and isolates and divides us from our family. So, let’s commit to speaking in these 5 godly ways instead.

Making Time for Fun in Your Marriage

Elizabeth-George Jim-George Devotional making-time-for-fun-in-your-marriage
How’s your friendship with your beloved? Are you purposefully and willfully making time for fun? Here are several ideas to help kick-start good times again.

Making a House a Home

Making-a-house-a-home elizabeth-george
No matter what type of home or how often the place you live changes, follow these suggestions to make your residence a “Home, Sweet Home”! 

Mary or Martha?

Mary-or-Martha elizabeth-george
Have you ever hosted a dinner and realized later that you barely took time to enjoy your guests? I think many of us have Martha tendencies, so let’s embrace what Jesus offers a weary Martha.

People Pleasing

People-pleasing elizabeth-george devotion-for-women christian-devotional
How do you avoid the worry that comes with the temptation to give in to peer pressure or fear of rejection? It’s not easy, is it? We’ve all been there, and maybe we’re still there. But it doesn’t have to continue. There is hope and help.

How Do I Pray for My Husband?

how-do-i-pray-for-my-husband praying-wife prayers-for-spouse praying-for-husband Elizabeth-George Jim-George Devotional
DEVOTION: Are you in the habit of daily praying for your husband? If you're not sure where to begin, here are 3 prayers for your husband based on Scripture to get you started!

Victory Over the Flesh

Victory-Over-the-Flesh elizabeth-george jim-george
DEVOTION: Have you heard someone shout “The devil made me do it!” when trying to explain away a sin? Whether in jest or not, this is not exactly a true statement. In actuality, we can resist temptation and have victory over the flesh when we follow Jesus' example.

A Good Wife

A-good-wife elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: A wife's mission of fulfilling God’s pattern for goodness in marriage is empowered by Him when we plan and practice goodness. Here's how we can do that.

Dealing with Hardships

Dealing with Hardship
DEVOTION: If today is “one of those days” you would rather forget, remember that God is available to you and He gives you the means to deal with hardship.