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From Our Hearts

The Women at Jesus' Tomb

The Women at Jesus' Tomb
A group of women followed Jesus from His ministry in Galilee all the way to His tomb. Their faithfulness was rewarded by being the first to see the proof of Jesus’ resurrection. Learn more about these women at Jesus' tomb today!

Practicing Wise Living

Practicing Wise Living
Don’t waste your breath on physical or earthly desires and needs. Instead, go for the biggest and best of all: wisdom. Here's advice on how to practice wise living.

A Word About Suffering

A Word About Suffering
It’s a fact of life. Real life is filled with disappointments, tragedies, heartaches, and just plain old struggles. Yet God gives us a gift within our suffering. 

Putting on a Heart of Patience

Putting on a Heart of Patience by Elizabeth George
Is there something God is asking you to be patient about right now? When we’re suffering, waiting patiently is hard. But God offers us hope.

God’s Promises in the Bible

God's Promises in the Bible by Elizabeth George
God's Word is full of promises. Are you ready and willing to put them to work in your life?

Trapped in a Loveless Marriage - A Biography of Abigail

Trapped in a Loveless Marriage - A Biography of Abigail by Elizabeth George
We can learn so much from Abigail, a woman who had little cause for joy, trapped in a loveless marriage to a fool.

Making It Through Tough Times

Making It Through Tough Times by Jim and Elizabeth George
As a couple, you and your husband will experience tough times. Instead of being bitter and dwelling on what you don't have, here is encouragement to get through.

Encouraging Your Spouse

Encouraging Your Spouse by Jim and Elizabeth George
Trust is fragile. It is slowly obtained over time, but it can be lost in an instant. Begin to build trust and encourage your spouse with these qualities. 

Taming Your Tongue

Taming Your Tongue by Elizabeth George
Is taming your tongue a serious struggle for you? If so, God has a serious solution to help you stop gossiping:

Give God Your Life

Give God Your Life by Elizabeth George
Our devotion to God is strengthened when we offer Him a fresh commitment each day. As the saying goes, “Hold all things lightly and nothing tightly.” Read on for guidance in giving your life to God today.

Benefits of Reading the Bible Every Day

Benefits of Reading the Bible Every Day by Elizabeth George
What do you anticipate facing in 2019? Are you struggling with responsibilities? At a crossroad in your career? Do you need direction in dealing with your finances? Then you need God’s wisdom.

I'm Tired of Cleaning

I'm Tired of Cleaning by Elizabeth George
Over the Christmas break, kids will be out of school, family will be on vacation, and guests will be in and out of our home … which means the messes will be more frequent and the cleaning doubled. Here's encouragement to choose a good attitude when we're tired of cleaning.