From Our Hearts

Rejoice in The Lord

Rejoice-in-the-Lord elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: When we think of what we want in life, joy & peace rank high. In God's Word, we have the source of both! But to enjoy these two desired qualities, we must follow the apostle Paul's 'to-do' list. What does this look like? What are we to do?

Facing Your Giants

Facing-your-giants elizabeth-george
DEVOTION:  Whether we're facing a flooded kitchen, a distressing medical diagnosis, or a challenge at work ... there is one thing that gives us the ability to think straight and face our giants. 

Opening Your Home at Thanksgiving

Opening-Your-Home-at-Thanksgiving elizabeth-george
Do you see your home as a gift from God to be used for the comfort and well-being of others? A question to ask ourselves in this holiday season is, “Who can I open my arms and my heart and my home to?” Here are helpful hints on how to open your home on Thanksgiving.

Managing Emotions

Managing-Emotions elizabeth-george
During Operation Desert Storm, my husband Jim’s Army unit began preparing to go to war.  As we finalized our will, discussed with our daughters the possibility Jim may not come home, and updated insurance forms, I tried to cope with fear, anxiety, & uncertainty. Here's what I learned about managing emotions. 

Starting Your Day with God

Starting Your Day with God
If you’re rushing in all directions at once, stop. Breathe. Have you included any time with God? Starting our day with God changes our priorities and offers us peace.

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving Your Neighbor
Have you noticed how few people know their neighbors these days? It might seem convenient to not be overly involved with other people around you, but Jesus calls us to a deeper relationship with others. Here are some practical ideas on how to do that.

Help for Overwhelmed Moms

Help-for-overwhelmed-moms elizabeth-george jim-george
If you're an overwhelmed mom, may I encourage you? Spend time finding comfort through your Bible and prayer. Make this time a priority — and a necessity. Ask for God’s grace to just stop, leave the messes alone, and look to Him for His patience and for a quiet spirit. 

Titus 2 Women

Titus 2 Women
Titus 2 says older women are to teach younger women. And those of us who have daughters must realize the priority to be “teachers of good things" to our daughters and granddaughters. 

Qualities of a Godly Husband - Teen Tuesday

Qualities of a Godly Marriage by Elizabeth George
Depending on your age, you aren’t even thinking about being a wife. However, statistics tell us most women marry. If there’s a chance that might be true of your future, then a look at the qualities of a godly husband won’t hurt, will it?

Doing Good

Doing Good
We’re all busy, but may the Lord help us to never be too busy for doing good! Here's how to plan to do a kindness sooner than later (because you never know when it will be too late to carry out that deed). 

Christian Retirement

Christian Retirement
Retirement. It seems like people’s entire lives center around this word. However, by God’s grace, we can make a difference for His kingdom right up until the day we go to be with Him.

Creating a Happy Home

Creating-a-Happy-Home by Elizabeth-George
Would your family say you are generally more happy or more grumpy? Do you smile or scowl? Share kind words with a soft tone ... or YELL more often than not?

We can help set the tone of our home with our actions and attitude. Here's how.