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From Our Hearts

Spiritual Spaces

Spiritual Spaces by Elizabeth George

Our home should be a peaceful, loving place of rest. Most importantly, we should have a place or a spiritual space to escape when we desire or need to spend time with the Lord. I have made such a place in our home…

What Makes a Woman Beautiful in God’s Eyes?

What Makes a Woman Beautiful in God's Eyes?

There are few questions I’m asked more than, "What makes a woman become beautiful in God’s eyes?" The simplest answer is devotion and time...

Finding Purpose After the Nest is Empty

Finding Purpose After the Nest is Empty by Elizabeth George

Becoming an empty nester presents many unexpected challenges, especially when we are used to having a home bustling with children. For years, our calendar was marked with...

A Study on the Character of Moses

A Study on the Character of Moses
God’s servant, Moses, was called by God to lead His people, about 2 million of them, out of bondage and out of Egypt (Exodus 3:1-22). It started when he was tending to his father-in-law’s sheep in Midian. He led the...

Studying the Word in Context and Perspective

Studying the Word in Context and Perspective
The Word of God is the original omniscient, third-person point of view, kind of story. God, Himself, is the main character. A book like this differs from any other in that we can’t possibly try to put ourselves in God’s mindset to understand what we’re reading. After all...

Getting into God’s Word

Getting into God's Word by Elizabeth George

Can you grasp why making a choice to spend time with God in His Word is so important? Getting into the Bible and having quiet time alone with God causes you to grow-to grow in the knowledge of Him, which then helps you grow in...

Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time by Elizabeth George

Have you thought much about time? The 24 hours, the 1,440 minutes of your each and every day? During the years of youth, didn’t it seemed that time couldn’t go fast enough for the next milestone you were anticipating? But, I am sure you, like me, now find that time has accelerated to warp speed. […]

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Setting Goals Each New Year

Setting Goals Each New Year by Elizabeth George
With New Years’ right around the corner, we’ll likely be hearing more and more about setting goals. Creating goals provides an opportunity for specific measurement, and setting specific goals helps you move forward in the direction you want to go.

When Your Faith Has the Flu

When Your Faith Has the Flu by Elizabeth George

Often, the holiday rush can bring on a cold that slows us down during one of the busiest times of the year. I’m sure you know how limited you are when you are ill — when you aren’t functioning at your best. While I haven’t found a cure for the common cold, I have learned a remedy for...

A Universal Language

A Universal Language by Elizabeth George
A couple of weekends ago, as I journeyed out with my husband for a much-needed outing of running errands, I made a startling discovery. There is a universal language that crosses all boundaries ...

Front Porch Opportunities

Front Porch Opportunities
One of the most desired features when finding the perfect home is the front porch. We like them because we can sit outdoors on a beautiful day and feel the breeze. We can sit in our rockers and watch the sunset. We can let ...

New Years' Goals for Teens

New Years' Goals for Teens by Jim George

Who do you think was the greatest leader who ever lived?

Most people would probably name some famous general or a great statesman. But I’m sure you, like me, would accurately name Jesus Christ as the greatest leader who ever lived…