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The Empty Nest

Do you miss the sounds of a full house? Have your children moved on to college, marriage, or their own dwellings? I understand how hard the empty nest stage of motherhood can be. It comes all too soon! Hannah, of the Bible, wanted a son so badly that in 1 Samuel 1:11 she vowed to “give him to the Lord all the days of his life.” And because she kept her promise, her Samuel had to move to another city. She had to love him across many miles.

The mother of writer Elisabeth Elliot prayed and wrote letters. For 45 years she wrote each of her six children twice a week. And that was before computers and email! Reach out to your children-and grandchildren-in prayer and love. This investment matters to the Lord and to your family.

God, do I tell my children how much I love them? I mean to. I intend to. I try to show it by my care and affection. Help me take advantage of every opportunity to tell, write, and share of my love for them…and for You. Amen.

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