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Qualities of a Godly Husband - Teen Tuesday

Qualities of a Godly Marriage by Elizabeth George
Depending on your age, you aren’t even thinking about being a wife. However, statistics tell us most women marry. If there’s a chance that might be true of your future, then a look at the qualities of a godly husband won’t hurt, will it?

Secret to Not Being Bored - Teen Tuesday

I'm Bored Teen Tuesday Elizabeth George
You’re sitting at home, and it seems like there is absolutely nothing to do! Suddenly, out of your mouth comes a huge sigh and those two dreadful words—I’m bored! Did you know there’s a secret to never being bored?

"Little White Lies"

Little White Lies Elizabeth George
Do you exaggerate? Bend the truth? Be purposefully vague? "Little white lies" may seem harmless, but they are actually a sin. Let's talk about honoring God with truthfulness.

Dealing With Disagreements - Teen Tuesday

Dealing-with-disagreements elizabeth-george

TEEN TUESDAY DEVOTION: As a new school year begins, you’ll hang out more with your friends, which will give you the opportunity to argue. Here’s one thing I’d suggest to you about dealing with disagreements.

People Pleasing

People-pleasing elizabeth-george devotion-for-women christian-devotional
How do you avoid the worry that comes with the temptation to give in to peer pressure or fear of rejection? It’s not easy, is it? We’ve all been there, and maybe we’re still there. But it doesn’t have to continue. There is hope and help.

Victory Over the Flesh

Victory-Over-the-Flesh elizabeth-george jim-george
DEVOTION: Have you heard someone shout “The devil made me do it!” when trying to explain away a sin? Whether in jest or not, this is not exactly a true statement. In actuality, we can resist temptation and have victory over the flesh when we follow Jesus' example.

The Main Themes of Genesis - Teen Tuesday

The Main Themes of Genesis - Teen Tuesday
DEVOTION: As the first book of the Bible, Genesis lays the foundation for everything that is to follow. Throughout Genesis is the awesome power, the holy judgment, and the tender mercy of God. We also witness His grace as He sets in motion His plan to save mankind. Here's a look at the main themes of Genesis.

How Does God Communicate with Us?

How-Does-God-Communicate-with-Us? by elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: Many people wonder how God talks with His children. Today, He speaks through what I call “the four Cs” which answer the question, "How does God communicate with us?"

6 Ways to Become Beautiful in God's Eyes

What-Makes-A-Woman-Beautiful-in-Gods-Eyes elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: You and I don’t need to be discouraged or feel overwhelmed by God’s standard for beauty because He gives us, day by day, a lifetime to reach it. Here are 6 ways to become beautiful in God's eyes.

Understanding the Bible - Teen Tuesday

Understanding the Bible - Teen Tuesday
DEVOTION: In the Bible, we have God's guidelines for our every need, issue, and day. The Bible comes from God and is “given by inspiration of God.” Here are 5 steps to help you grow in your love and understanding of the Bible.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord's Prayer by Elizabeth and Jim George
The best way for you to learn how to pray is by praying. And this model that Jesus gave is a good way to start to pray—in fact, it’s perfect.

Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, Seek, Knock

(Parents, this devotion is material from A Girl’s Guide to Prayer. We pray it blesses you and your tween!)

When you see your friends, you don’t just say “Hi” and keep on walking. No, you want to catch up and to talk about all kinds of things! That’s how God desires for us to do with Him through prayer.