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Be Purposeful in Every Season

The Memorial Day weekend often heralds the beginning of summer. And most importantly to students, it begins the single-digit countdown to – summer vacation!  Oftentimes, summer schedules are hectic with family members shooting like fire-works in every direction for sports, camps, social activities, or college preparation. But, don’t let your summer get away from you!

Whether you stay at home or plan a vacation, set aside a special time for your family to slow down, reflect, and connect. Give everyone plenty of notice, especially if teens are involved. If you’re not a parent, get friends together. When the time comes around, prepare a festive meal, cook-out, go out to dinner, or order in!

Later, gather around and have everyone share what they’ve done in the past three months that was fun and meaningful. Share what plans they have for the next three months.  Encourage each person to share a goal or a dream… and be supportive. Dreams aren’t always based on current reality.

Talk about the childhood antics of the kids, how you grew up and spent your summers. Share your faith experience… and let others share theirs. End your time together by drawing people’s names out of a hat and committing to doing two nice things for that person this summer.

Time keeps on ticking, and seasons seem to go by in an instant! Be purposeful to pause and develop the relationships that will last a lifetime!

A Prayer to Pray:

Lord, You’ve given me a wonderful family and awesome friends. I delight in being with these people You’ve given me to cherish…and I especially delight in You. Amen.

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