From Our Hearts

Making a House a Home

Making-a-house-a-home elizabeth-george
No matter what type of home or how often the place you live changes, follow these suggestions to make your residence a “Home, Sweet Home”! 

Keeping a Prayer Journal

keeping-a-prayer-journal elizabeth-george
You can improve your prayer-life leaps and bounds! using keeping a prayer list. Here are 4 tips on how to start.

Mary or Martha?

Mary-or-Martha elizabeth-george
Have you ever hosted a dinner and realized later that you barely took time to enjoy your guests? I think many of us have Martha tendencies, so let’s embrace what Jesus offers a weary Martha.

Dealing With Disagreements - Teen Tuesday

Dealing-with-disagreements elizabeth-george

TEEN TUESDAY DEVOTION: As a new school year begins, you’ll hang out more with your friends, which will give you the opportunity to argue. Here’s one thing I’d suggest to you about dealing with disagreements.

Back-to-School Time Management

Back-to-school time-management elizabeth-george jim-george
Put these 5 steps into place to help you plan your days with intention. You’ll be amazed at the positive changes in your use of time and the difference in the atmosphere of your home, especially on busy—and early—back-to-school mornings!

Friendship with The World

Friendship-with-The-World elizabeth-george jim-george

One small thing can be the first tiny move toward what James labels “friendship with the world.” That's why it's important we search our heart and consider our choices. Are they more godly or worldly?

Recognizing Your Spiritual Gifts

Recognizing-Your-Spiritual-Gifts Elizabeth-George Jim-George
Do you know what gifts God has uniquely gifted you with? Follow these to help you identify your giftedness and begin serving God and others!

Train Up A Child

Raise-Up-A-Child Train-up-A-Child elizabeth-george jim-george

God gives parents the job to prepare our children in their spiritual lives. We cannot leave this vital teaching to Sunday school teachers or youth group leaders . As parents, we must train our kids up in God's ways as much as possible.

People Pleasing

People-pleasing elizabeth-george devotion-for-women christian-devotional
How do you avoid the worry that comes with the temptation to give in to peer pressure or fear of rejection? It’s not easy, is it? We’ve all been there, and maybe we’re still there. But it doesn’t have to continue. There is hope and help.

Where Your Treasure Is

Where-Your-Treasure-Is by Elizabeth-George
DEVOTION: Do you find yourself buying more, doing more, stuffing your life with more ... yet you are still empty and restless? God has a cure. Because of the temporary nature of our possessions, Jesus tells us exactly where we should place our heart's focus.

How Do I Pray for My Husband?

how-do-i-pray-for-my-husband praying-wife prayers-for-spouse praying-for-husband Elizabeth-George Jim-George Devotional
DEVOTION: Are you in the habit of daily praying for your husband? If you're not sure where to begin, here are 3 prayers for your husband based on Scripture to get you started!

Victory Over the Flesh

Victory-Over-the-Flesh elizabeth-george jim-george
DEVOTION: Have you heard someone shout “The devil made me do it!” when trying to explain away a sin? Whether in jest or not, this is not exactly a true statement. In actuality, we can resist temptation and have victory over the flesh when we follow Jesus' example.