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From Our Hearts

Three Routines for Productive Home Management

elizabeth-george three-routines-for-productive-home-management

The woman who is beautiful in God’s eyes, “watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” (Proverbs 31:27) “So what did you do today?” I can expect this greeting from my sweet husband every day when he arrives home.

Main Themes of the Book of Matthew

If you want to understand God's Word more deeply, start with today's devotion about the main themes of the book of Matthew. The gospel of Matthew tells us that Jesus has conquered the power of death, and promises that He is coming again!

Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management
Each new day presents opportunities to grow your faith, manage your work and goals, and make good use of the time God gives you. How can you effectively manage your time better tomorrow?

Suffering for Doing What is Right

Suffering for Doing What is Right by Elizabeth George
Everyone’s been in situations where there’s strife and malice with others. And it can be so easy to succumb to our negative emotions and actively engage in the conflict. Thank God for His peace!

3 Steps to Trust God and Increase Faith

Our thoughts and actions rely heavily on experiences. This is why it is important to live a life of gratitude and love. When we are bombarded with doubt, it helps to recall the blessings He has given us, the trials He has walked us through, and the stories of triumph He has given us in His Word.


He is Always With You

elizabeth-george he-is-always-with-you
As young girls, many of us grew up dreaming of the fairy tale stories we were drawn to as children. Visions of the future looked like...

How Can You Recognize Your Spiritual Gifts?

How Can You Recognize Your Spiritual Gifts?

It may take you a while to determine your areas of giftedness and learn how to best minister to the other members of your church. Follow these to help you identify your giftedness and begin serving God and others!

Praying for the Right Things

Praying for the Right Things

Paul knew the importance of strategic prayer in his own life and the lives of others. And he knew what to pray for. His prayers focused on spiritual issues. He knew that if those he was praying for were spiritually mature, they could handle anything.

Handling Life’s Pressures

Handling Life's Pressures by Elizabeth George

You’ve probably experienced managing a household or making a plan. Well, my friend, God is the Master Manager, and He is organizing everything in your life according to His timing. This is a great comfort when managing life's pressures.

“Success” Is Achieved One Decision at a Time

One Decision at a Time by Elizabeth George

How did the men and women in the Bible accomplish great things for God? They were ordinary people like you and me. What made them effective was their willingness to obey God - one decision at a time.

Spiritual Spaces

Spiritual Spaces by Elizabeth George

Our home should be a peaceful, loving place of rest. Most importantly, we should have a place or a spiritual space to escape when we desire or need to spend time with the Lord. I have made such a place in our home…

Making Time for Fun in Your Marriage

Making Time for Fun in Your Marriage by Elizabeth George
How’s your friendship with your beloved? Are you purposefully and willfully making time for fun? Here are several ideas to help kick-start good times again.