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From Our Hearts

What Is My Purpose?

What is my purpose by Elizabeth George
Do you know what your purpose is, dear one? Can you boldly declare, “For this I was born” and know what the “this” is? Here are encouragement and wisdom to find your purpose.

A Way Out of Temptation—Teen Tuesday

A Way Out of Temptation—Teen Tuesday by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION—TEEN TUESDAY: Temptation should not be viewed as sin. Rather, giving in to a temptation is sin. Here's reassuring news: God promises us deliverance from sin. In other words, this is God’s promise of an “exit.” 

God’s Love

Gods-love elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: Have you ever done something bad—really bad? You knew you were wrong, and so did everyone else. And yet, your spouse, or your boss, or your children forgave you? Then you’ve tasted a little of what it means to receive mercy and a taste of God's love.

Love Others

Love Others by Elizabeth-George
DEVOTION: When others think of you, do they think of someone they can trust with their hopes and their troubles? Are you someone they can go to for wise counsel? Do you love others well?

9 Ways to Better Your Marriage

9 Ways to Better Your Marriage by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: When you take time to nurture oneness with your spouse, you honor God and experience the fullness and blessings that God designed for a married couple to enjoy!

Take time now. Read through the following ideas. Set aside five minutes and pray, “Lord, how can I express my love today?”

Making Godly Friendships

Making Godly Friendships by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Good friendships with godly women are even rare and important. But we also have several other outlets to make and grow friendships. 

Waging Spiritual Warfare

Waging Spiritual Warfare by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: The Christian life is a battle—a spiritual battle. We may not like it, but it’s true. Therefore, we must fight the good fight. 

Navigating Seasons of Life

Navigating Seasons of Life
DEVOTION: Here’s something I’ve discovered over the 40 years that Jim and I have been married: like other areas of my life, our marriage has its “seasons.” Here are several ways we've navigated those seasons. 

A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

A Gentle and Quiet Spirit by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Do you have an unbelieving husband or children? Do you work with non-Christians? Are you continually misunderstood because you don’t live like others? A gentle and quiet spirit is one of your best assets in navigating these relationships.

Handling Life’s Pressures

Handling Life's Pressures by Elizabeth George

DEVOTION: You’ve probably experienced managing a household or making a plan. Well, my friend, God is the Master Manager, and He is organizing everything in your life according to His timing. This is a great comfort when managing life's pressures.

One Word Themes for the Books of the Bible—Ruth

One Word Themes for the Books of the Bible—Ruth by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Do you know the one-word theme of the book of Ruth? Learn about the main points, the key characters, and simple & personal applications for spiritual growth and daily living from Ruth.

How to Maximize Your Time—Teen Tuesday

How to Maximize Your Time—Teen Tuesday devotion by Elizabeth George
DEVOTION: Do you usually spend a few hours in the evening scrolling through your phone or texting? I used to watch hours of TV, but over time, I began to maximize my night hours. Here are 5 practical ways you can make the most of your time too!