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From Our Hearts

Our True Citizenship

elizabeth-george our-true-citizenship
The temptation for worldly acceptance comes when you lose sight of your identity. As a believer in Christ you are a...

Focus on Marriage

elizabeth-george focus-on-marriage

Not long after Jim and I were married, we realized we had a longing for many of the same things a lot of other newlywed couples long for. We wanted good jobs, a good income, a new car, and an exciting...

Embrace the Real You

elizabeth-george embrace-the-real-you

We are all God’s children. We are all made in His image. It’s time we get real and embrace our life and our uniqueness. We can’t hide from...

He is Always With You

elizabeth-george he-is-always-with-you
As young girls, many of us grew up dreaming of the fairy tale stories we were drawn to as children. Visions of the future looked like...

Three Routines for Productive Home Management

elizabeth-george three-routines-for-productive-home-management

“So what did you do today?” I can expect this greeting from my sweet husband every day when he arrives home. He is glad to be home and content to make small talk, but more importantly, he graciously turns his attention to me and...

Parenting is a Team Sport

elizabeth-george parenting-is-a-team-sport
A significant number of men are sports fans. Some don’t even care if it is football, baseball, basketball, or racing as long as it is competitive. They become...

Listen, But Don't Be Silenced

elizabeth-george listen-but-dont-be-silenced

Our world has been going through so many changes lately. Though most of you might agree that we’d be better off without them they really do cause us to...

Trusting God With Everything

elizabeth-george trusting-God-with-everything
Contentment is almost an extinct virtue, yet it is one of the greatest blessings in the world. The Word of God calls us to be content. In fact...

Power in Prayer for Couples

Power in Prayer for Couples

There are few things that can change a marriage the way prayer can. Over and over we witness couples whose marriage was on the brink of uttering the dreaded...

Replace Worry With Faith

Replace Worry With Faith
As if a global recession weren’t enough to worry about, Americans are now facing a very real global pandemic. We’ve all read the news stating that the Covid-19 virus poses a significant health threat. States have been shut down, reopened, and then...

God's Desire for Hospitality

elizabeth-george gods-desire-for-hospitality

One of the most valuable skills we can learn from our elders is hospitality. I’ve never forgotten how important and cherished my elders made me, and others, feel when they came for a visit.

How to Study the Bible Effectively

elizabeth-george how-to-study-the-bible-effectively

Consider this a guide to help you walk through practical ways you can get the most out of your study time and to find out for yourself the meaning of scripture as well as its origin. Over time you will develop your own techniques and style in how to study the Bible, and that is how it should be!