A Journey with Jesus Study: A 52-Week Study Through the Life and Times of Jesus (PDF)

Join Jim George for a week-by-week Bible study on the life of Jesus! Focusing on the Gospels, Jim will guide the reader through a chronological study of Jesus’ life and ministry. This interactive study will be available in the online store as weekly downloadable PDFs.

Each week will contain five devotionals or lessons to focus on varies times and locations of Jesus’ earthly life. If you long to know Jesus more, and see God’s plan of redemption unfolding through the Gospels, “A Journey With Jesus: A Study Through the Life and Times of Jesus” is the study for you!

    Pages: 338
    Suggested Ages: All
    Format: PDF (Download)

    Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a link to download your PDF(s) at your convenience. PDFs are 8.5"x11" unless otherwise specified.