A Leader After God's Own Heart by Jim George

Every man is either a leader or a leader in the making. God’s desire is for him to serve as a role model and provide direction for others. But this raises an all-important question: What makes a man a truly good leader – one who God can use? In A Leader After God’s Own Heart, Jim George looks at the biblical life of Nehemiah, who provides an outstanding example of leadership you can follow. Learning from Nehemiah’s example will help you:

  • Improve your management skills.
  • Resolve conflict with confidence.
  • Turn your next crisis into an opportunity.
  • Increase your leadership abilities.

Yes, you can become God’s kind of leader–one who leads with strength and a lasting impact!

This book includes a study guide and makes a great resource for pastors, church leadership, non-profit organizations, men’s small groups, and personal study.



“A Leader After God’s Own Heart goes a long way to insuring there are no blind spots that may obscure the vision the Lord has given leaders. Jim George’s incisive thoughts on crises management, conflict management, motivation, and loyalty challenged me to improve my thoughts and renew my mind.”  Hale A. in HI

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