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Cultivating A Heart Committed to Prayer

PrayerTalking with God daily is important to building a deeper relationship with Him. Perhaps you, like me, have had many stops and starts on the way to a vibrant prayer life. Some of the best advice I ever received was to write out a prayer list in a special book and begin taking my concerns to God each day. I tried it and was amazed as I paid close attention to how God answered item after item.

As a woman after God’s own heart, I hope you, too, will find a special prayer book for yourself. It can be basic or fancy. Use whatever works best for you.

In the front of your special book, note this encouraging reminder of areas God can and will impact through prayer.

  • My relationship with God: Prayer changes me (Ps. 51:10)!
  • Greater purity: Confession causes me to purge practices that displease God (Matt. 5:29–30).
  • Decisions to be made: Make no decision without prayer (Gal. 1:10).
  • Improved relationships: Praying for someone will strengthen and better my relationship with him or her (Matt. 5:44).
  • Contentment: If God doesn’t meet it, I don’t need it (Phil. 4:11–14)!
  • Ministering to others: Prayer makes a difference in the history of people’s lives (Eph. 1:15–19).

Here’s an idea of how to set up your special prayer book. Don’t worry if yours isn’t exactly the same; it’s simply one idea to get you started. Whatever helps you consistently connect with the Father and reminds you that He is answering prayers is the right setup for you.



God’s Answer

Date Answered





Now, what do you write in it? Requests for your loved ones, intercessory needs for others, health concerns, confession of sins, or decisions you need to make. Your original list does not need to be exhaustive. In time, you will add items as God brings them to your attention.

Set aside time each day to linger with the Lord in prayer. Begin small—even five minutes—and watch for mighty effects! Spend time praising God for the requests He has answered.  Prepare yourself to be blessed and to be a blessing to others through prayer!


Dear Lord, thank You for the powerful privilege of the ministry of prayer.  I’m grateful that You hear my prayers. Amen.


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Pray faithfully for others—including your enemies (Matt. 5:44).


Pray always (Eph. 6:18), enjoying God’s constant presence (Josh. 1:9).

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  • Thank you. Am going to apply it.

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