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Give Yourself Grace

graceIt’s an understatement to say that the Christian life is not easy. In fact, you could say that it is impossible. Like so many believers before you, you will experience weaknesses, insults, distresses, persecution, and difficulties. That’s why it’s important we give ourselves grace.

God promises that the grace that saved you will also be the grace that keeps you—a grace that will give the strength and power you need to live the Christian life. No matter what your situation, you can approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that you may receive mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

What part can you play in putting God’s G-R-A-C-E to work in your life?

G -ive thanks to God that you are under grace and not the law.

R -espond in love and obedience to the gift of God’s grace in your life.

A -sk God for wisdom to understand what His grace means in your life.

C -ommune with other believers in church where you receive instruction in God’s gracious ways.

E -xtend God’s grace to others by sharing the gospel, showing forgiveness, and helping them to shoulder their burdens.

Drawn from A Woman’s Walk with God. This wonderful book is an invitation to experience the joys of moment-by-moment living in the Lord’s power–and producing the fruit of the Spirit in every circumstance!

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