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Living with Power and Confidence

Where does God have you today? What roles and responsibilities have been given you by your Lord? And how about your dreams—and your heart’s desires? Many of these indicate God’s directions for your life.

Take some time to discover what the Bible says about your roles… and then pray about them. Why not jot down some dreams you have too? Write them down in your Bible, your prayer book, a personal journal, or a special notebook dedicated to dreaming and planning and doing as you become a woman after God’s own heart.

God’s road to success is quite simple: As you faithfully follow Him with all your heart and are obedient to fulfill His will for you, you will be blessed. You will enjoy success. Yes, you’re human, and you will have moments when you fail, slide back, fall down, or stay in one place for a while. But as you rely on God and do what He asks of you through His Word and prayer, He will give you the desire and confidence-and power-to move on and enjoy life in Him.

Source title: Windows into the Word of God, by Elizabeth George

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