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Taking My Family to Church

Taking My Family to Church by Elizabeth GeorgeWhat does your average week look like? What patterns do your days fall into? And what do you want your week to look like? Or what must your week look like to accomplish (with God’s help) the raising of children with a heart for God? A week is a fairly little increment of your life. But because it’s repeated again and again, it’s a mighty thing.

Taking Control of Your Week

Fine-tune what’s already going on in your home so you are truly putting first things first. Master-mind a schedule that allows time for both you and your children to have a daily Bible or Bible-story time (depending on their ages).

Also plan in time for getting ready to go to church (clothes, Bibles, any preparations) so no one is stressed out by the time you all get there. You may not feel like you have time, but creating a template for your week will allow you to make going to church a priority.

Taking Your Family to Church

Putting God first in a worship setting is a powerful example for your children. Jesus’ parents thought it was important to make sure He participated in spiritual worship. Good things will happen because of your commitment.

And, taking your children to church will pay you dividends for generations. Going to church is just a small commitment of a tiny slice of time each week. Yet this one little practice, over time, makes a huge difference in a life, a heart, and a family. I know that’s been true in our family.

I didn’t become a Christian during my childhood going-to-church years. But I’m so grateful it sowed a seed in my heart that bloomed later on. Plant that seed now in your child’s heart—no matter their age—and pray for God to water it as they grow. He is faithful!


God, give my children eyes to see me pray. Give them ears to hear my praises and petitions. Give them a heart to enjoy the gift of prayer for themselves. Give them a desire to seek You with assurance that You are always there for them. Amen. 


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Take a look at the coming week today. And be sure to plan your church day. Fill it with loads of fun, and of course, like a good mom, plan lots of food!


Taking your children to church today will pay you dividends for generations.

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  • After reading ‘A Mom Afrer Gods Own Heart’ this January, taking my kids to church has become a priority. I see the benefits in a whole new way. Thanks for the encouragement Elizabeth! You have been such a blessing and mentor to me!


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