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What to Do about Worry

What to do about worry

I’m a person who used to sleep with my pillow under my stomach to comfort my bleeding ulcer instead of sleeping with the pillow under my head. Finally I acknowledged that worry is a terrible sin… and a terrible habit. As I read my Bible and grew as a Christian, I couldn’t help but notice there are so many commands in the Bible telling God’s followers not to worry!

Worrying is a Bad Habit

I grabbed onto these two and began to pull them out when I felt my stomach burning or caught myself wondering and worrying. Jesus commanded: “Do not worry about your life” (Matthew 6:25). And Paul commanded: “Be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6).

Worrying is a bad habit. A habit is anything you do on a regular basis. Habits can be good ones…or bad ones. Reading your Bible and praying are good habits that you want to be a part of your life. But any habit, whether it’s an action or attitude or thought process that tempts you to turn your heart away from God and onto yourself is a bad one and must be changed and dealt with dramatically and drastically.

What to Do about Worry

Worry is definitely one of the actions that takes your eyes off God. Worry says that “this” (whatever “this” is that you’re worrying about) is something that can’t be handled by God, with God, or by His grace. This attitude is the exact opposite of trusting God. You might as well be wearing a T-shirt or pin that says, “I don’t trust God.”

The goal of spiritual growth is to exchange the bad habit of worrying with the excellent habit of trusting God. Whatever your situation, do your part. Do all you can. But most of all, be sure you turn your concern over to God!


Dear God, I so easily focus on the bad and then I worry. Please guide me in redeeming my negative thoughts by using them as reminders to pray. I want to fully trust You in all things. Amen.


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steadfast love


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” (Proverbs 3:5)

When trouble crosses my path, what is my first reaction: do I worry or do I pray?


The goal of spiritual growth is to exchange the bad habit of worrying with the excellent habit of trusting God.

Jim and Elizabeth George

Jim and Elizabeth George are bestselling authors and national speakers dedicated to helping people live a life after God’s own heart. Together, they have written over 150 books with more than 14 million copies sold around the world. For over 35 years, the teachings and steadfast example of Elizabeth and Jim have helped countless men and women:

  • Simplify life by focusing on God’s priorities.
  • Appreciate God’s Word and apply it to everyday situations.
  • Respond to circumstances with confidence by seeing yourself through God’s loving eyes.
  • Increase closeness in marriage by serving and honoring each other.
  • Powerfully shape the hearts of children and teenagers.
  • Enjoy greater intimacy with God.

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