One Minute with the Women of the Bible: A Devotional by Elizabeth George

Daily Devotional for Women

Start or end your day with these powerful one-minute reminders of God’s work in the lives of women in the Bible. You’ll find encouragement for your own faith journey as you meet women such as… 

  • Eve, who reflected God’s beautiful image to the world
  • Leah, who was remembered and blessed by God in her sorrow
  • Deborah, who became a humble and godly leader in battle
  • Esther, who relied on God for courage in desperate times
  • Mary, mother of Jesus, who found peace in complete trust

As you learn how God has comforted, helped, and provided for the women in the Bible, you’ll grow more and more aware of His amazing love for you.

Women's Devotional: What it's like to own

This daily devotional provides the perfect opportunity to pause and connect with Jesus, to spend time strengthening your relationship with Christ, and to stay engaged with your faith.

Each daily devotional provides encouragement for women who live busy lives, face heavy struggles, and who are wise enough to know that their strength from it all comes from taking one moment each day to check in with their Savior.

Reader Reviews of One Minute with the Women of the Bible by Elizabeth George

5 Stars

"Yes it made all of my expectations! So much that I ordered another one for a friend." - Cecilia Miller


Feed your soul in one minute when you're in a hurry

"Encouraging! Love this powerful 1 minute devotional book!" - D. Harder


5 Stars

"Very inspirational and short!" - Sarah