A Courageous Mom

It only takes a glimpse of email spam to see evil in action in this fallen world. It’s more than a little scary. But mom, you can make a difference! Moses’ mother, Jochebed, belonged to a sorority of mothers who gave their sons to God to use in the fight against evil. Samuel’s mother gave him up for God to use, and Mary saw her son Jesus offered up to die on the cross.

Psalm 37:1 encourages you not to “fret because of evildoers.” Instead of worrying or trying to solve every problem in your own power, devote yourself to raising godly children. The power of evil is helpless against the power of the truth you plant in your child’s heart and mind. You are a courageous, loving mom when you place your confidence-and your child-into God’s care.

God, I receive such comfort and assurance as I plant Your eternal truths in the heart of my child. I cannot control the existence of evil, but I can base parenting decisions on Your righteousness just as I can place every hope for my child in Your power. Amen.

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