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A Heart for Hospitality

“Hey, I’m the kind of gal who has a refrigerator filled with bottled water, a few pieces of fruit, and a Diet Pepsi. Entertain? I don’t think so!”

Are you like my friend? I’m hoping you’ll reconsider! There are so many people around you who need love, friendship, support, and a relaxing time. Begin nurturing relationships by cultivating the art of hospitality (Romans 12:13). Then open your heart and home to others. And don’t worry if your home isn’t perfect. As long as it’s tidy, you’re good to go! Pick a time, invite guests, plan a meal or tasty snacks. Involve your family and prepare in advance to lessen stress. Pray about your gathering and then follow through. And most of all, be flexible and have fun! Your guests will be blessed and so will you.

Jesus, I’m excited about this idea! Guide me in the next week or two as I think about who to invite, when to have someone over, and what I need to do to prepare. Help me stay focused on the people I want to know better and not get overwhelmed. Amen.

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