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A Prayer for Mothers on the Front Lines

elizabeth-george a-prayer-for-mothers-on-the-front-lines

Our nation, our world, is in His hands. In times like these, we can choose to sit idly by and hope for the best, or we can offer ourselves as a vessel and intercede on behalf of others.

So today, in honor of two holidays celebrated in May: Mother’s Day and the National Day of Prayer observed annually on the first Thursday of May, we want to extend our voices to God on behalf of Mothers on the Front Lines. We ask that you please join us in prayer for these heroes:

Abba Father, there is none like you. You are Jehovah-nissi, our Fortress and Protector.

We surrender ourselves to you as a wiling vessel to be Your hands, feet, and voice for and to those who are currently serving on the front lines.

Today we pray for the mom who has been laid off; the mom who is overwhelmed with her shift in priorities; the mom who is homeschooling her children for the first time; the mom who is caring for sick loved ones; the grieving mom who had to say goodbye to someone much too soon; and the mom who is due to deliver her next blessing any moment.

Today we pray for the mom who sleeps in a hotel room because she cannot expose her family to the virus she fights daily when treating her patients; the mom who rushes into homes to rescue those who’ve called emergency services; the mom who arrives to secure the scene; and the mom who responds to the scene last because someone else’s loved one has taken their last breath.

Today we pray for the mom giving her all for the students she once taught in a classroom; the mom who works grueling hours at the grocery store; the mom who drives miles to deliver the food to warehouses; the mom who arrives at the door step with our recent order; the mom who still makes sure we receive our mail; the mom whose job is deemed essential to her community; and the mom who is struggling to keep her small business alive.

Today we pray for the moms we’ve elected to office; the moms serving our country and fighting for our freedom; the moms paving the way through intercessory prayer; and the mom in the oval office serving as her husband’s counterpart.

For these moms we pray for strength, wisdom, and patience. We pray that they will have food on the table, clean clothes to wear, supportive friends they can count on, and dozens and dozens of prayers going up on their behalf. We ask that you send legions of angels to surround them.

For these moms we pray for a healthy immune system, a decreased level of stress, a sharp mind, a good night’s sleep, and more laughter than their stomach muscles can endure. We pray you will prosper their endeavors, give them insight and wisdom in prevention, pour upon them an abundance of grace and mercy, and give them enough hope to endure the days to come.

Most of all, we pray that each and every one would humble themselves, fall to their knees, pray, and seek your face. We ask that the gospel would be preached to every corner of the Earth and that all those who call upon you would be saved. We pray for divine healing and ask that you help us all to have clean hands and a pure heart.

We believe you will do all of these things and more on behalf of your beloved children. We know that if we ask these things according to your will, then your word does not return void, but it accomplishes what it is sent forth to do.

Please forgive us for our transgressions. Please protect us from all harm, accidents, injuries, and disease. Keep us from the temptation of the evil one. You alone are God. It is our honor to walk in the footsteps of your beloved son. Thank you for the gift of life and thank you for hearing our prayer.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen


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Jim and Elizabeth George

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