A Prudent Woman

Prudent? It sounds so old-fashioned… but what a wonderful attribute for any woman to have. Prudent is exactly what Proverbs 19:14 calls the wife who is from the Lord: “Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.”

This wife is in a special category. She’s a blessing to her husband directly from the hand of God. With a wife like this, a husband is set for life! Replace the word prudent with disciplinedreasonedpracticaldelightful… and you begin to get the full picture of the meaning of prudence. You are one of the Lord’s greatest gifts to your husband!

And you don’t have to be married to reap the rewards of being a prudent woman. You’ll be blessed… and you’ll be a delight to everyone around you. You’ll be a gift—”from the Lord.”

Lord, teach me to be prudent, to be disciplined. Help me exercise diligence, wisdom, and self-control in all I do. Though living prudently requires some daily effort on my part, I know the blessings to me and others make it worthwhile. Amen.

Read A Prudent Woman on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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