Abraham and Sarah

The life studies of Abraham and Sarah, a couple after God’s own heart, comprise an extraordinary portrait! No other marriage in the Bible is given as much space. In the 13 chapters that detail their lives up until Sarah’s death, we get a glimpse of the epic tale of their love, their trials, their partnership, and their adventures. Let’s look at the three basic elements needed to build a marriage that lasts.

What was the foundation of their marriage—and their lives? There’s no doubt it was faith. Abraham was a man of faith and Sarah was a woman of faith—God’s perfect combination! They each possessed strong individual trust in God, which made them partners in faith.

And they followed God’s blueprint for their lives. What God said, they did. Like master builders—whether of an edifice or a marriage—they followed the specs and regulations set down by God. They had faith in Him and in His plans for them.

And the tools Abraham and Sarah used to build a marriage worthy to be mentioned in God’s Hall of Faith? First, we see their heavy use of and reliance on the promises of God. We can imagine the two of them continually and constantly reminding each other of God’s sure promises. We see patience as a tool for trusting and living for God. For example, they waited and waited…and waited—for 25 years—for a child.

As you work on building your marriage, no matter what circumstances slam you, or how ridiculously stupid your mistakes are, or how much you must forgive each other, or how tough it gets to trust God and wait patiently on Him, pull out these words spoken by the Lord, face-to-face with Abraham, when He repeated His promise of a son through Sarah: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).

The answer? No, of course not.

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