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Be a Praying Parent

September equals back to school! As your own back-to-school frenzy moves into full swing, don’t forget your child of any age needs your prayers in every area of their busy, challenging life. Whatever it takes, be that praying parent. View praying for your child as a privilege and a responsibility. Prayer isn’t a chore, but it does require a decision and some time. It’s not a job; it’s your mission. It’s not optional; it’s crucial.

When you pray, and pray, and pray some more, you are like the widow Jesus praised in a parable in Luke 18:5-8. This widow came before a judge again and again and again about a personal problem. In this parable, one of Jesus’ key messages to you as a parent is this: Just as this woman was persistent, you are to be constant in prayer and keep on lifting up your concerns for your child. Press on in prayer. Keep on asking. Be assured, God does hear your prayers, your cries for help, your heart for your children. And He will respond.

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