Don’t Give Up on Your Family!

Being a loving mother, a doting grandmother, a gracious aunt, a caring cousin sometimes means we’re inconvenienced. A son needs picked up at ball practice, a granddaughter needs a ride to the soccer field, a nephew or niece wants to go camping. How blessed you are to be involved in family life—to love and pray for the young people in your life. After all, they’re your kin-and you have a responsibility to care deeply for and about them. God meant for the family to be important, a passion, a pursuit.

Take inventory. Is there any family member you’re skimping on in the Love Department? Is there someone you’re not praying for? Yes, I know some people are more difficult than others. Look to the Lord for help. Don’t give up on being a friend to the family.

Heavenly Father, thank You for my family–each and every one of them! Even when they frustrate me it’s a blessing to have them in my life. It’s wonderful to know I’m loved…and, through You, I can love them back. Amen.

Read Don’t Give Up on Your Family! on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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