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Dress Up – Fix Up – Look Up

Dress up – fix up – look up. Not a bad formula for us gals!

I’ve always taught my daughters and women I’ve talked with about personal appear­ance, to “dress up.” Not pretentiously, but appropri­ately. Why not be a role model to bless others with a pleasing appearance? Set a good example of modesty and loveliness.

Fix up. What do others see? Someone who neglected to take a little extra time to comb her hair? To look like she cared? How do your children feel when they’re with you? Or your husband?

And look up. Luke 10:27 says we’re to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. Are you consciously aware of His presence? It is His beauty you reflect in your efforts.

Dress up. Fix up. Look up!

A Prayer to Pray: “Lord, I fix my gaze on You and follow my heart as You lead me. Let me show my children and younger women what it means to truly “dress for success” as I model loveliness inside and out.”

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