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Encourage Your Family

Purpose to encourage everyone you talk to. Put this goal on your prayer list. And guess who should be at the top of your prayer list? Guess who should get the first overflow of your ministry of encouragement? Your family!

I realize this doesn’t come naturally for most guys and even many women, but it’s worth the effort and practice and an act of your will to open your mouth and encourage your family.

As a dad of a bustling household with two daughters, here’s one thing I began to do each morning: I purposefully began to think about the first words I would speak to my family members as they prepared for school, work, or whatever they were facing that day. I wanted to help start their day on a positive note with encouragement.

Your thoughtful, prepared words will be powerful enough to set the sail for the day you and your family members will encounter. Your parting words filled with affirming, uplifting, and memorable encouragement will carry them through the trying moments of their day and even in the days, months, and years to come when things get tough! Don’t hold back. Speak up and encourage your family.

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