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Enter Into the Solace of the Lord

Hannah, a woman from the Bible, experienced firsthand the promise and reality of God’s friendship. She found solace in His presence. Childless and relentlessly pro­voked by her husband’s other wife, Hannah had nowhere to turn. Yes, Hannah certainly fell into the category of one who was mercilessly perse­cuted by an enemy, an adversary, a rival. This other woman chided and taunted Hannah year after year, scoffing and laughing at her barrenness (see 1 Samuel 1).

But when Hannah went up to the house of the Lord to worship in Shiloh, she poured out her problems and woes to Jehovah. He is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. In Hannah’s case, even closer than her husband. In God’s presence, there was solace and rest. He provided camaraderie. In His presence, there was help and healing. Hannah left that place of worship repaired, replenished, and rapturous!

You, too, have a friend in the Lord God who provides solace for you from your enemies and your problems. You, too, can enter into the pres­ence of the One who provides a haven of rest while you are on the run. Do you need a visit with Him now? Just approach the Lord … and delight yourself in Him and in His friendship.

Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials by Elizabeth George discusses the hard times we all face and reveals how you can “count it all joy” by turning to Jesus to find hope and meaning in your journey, no matter how bumpy it seems.

Read Enter Into the Solace of the Lord on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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