Finding God’s Will

How do you find and live out God’s will? The steps that follow may seem obvious, but they are God’s sure path to the center of His will.

Begin with God’s Word. Give God’s Word a reigning position in your day, your time, your thoughts, your dreams, your goals, and your heart. At the beginning of each new day, refresh your mind and heart with God’s mind and heart. You may not know God’s will for tomorrow, but as you read and study God’s Word, you have His revealed will for today.

Pray! Never make any decision without prayer. Take your time and pray when making decisions. The bigger the decision, the more time it merits. The more you pray, the more you will be thinking about things as God thinks about them. And the more you think like God, the more you’ll see things as He sees them.

Safeguard by asking for advice. It’s true that as believers we can read the Bible and pray—and still want what we want. By seeking counsel, you get an outside, objective viewpoint. Ask your spouse, pastor, church leader, or mentor—someone who’s wiser, someone you trust.

Factor in your personal life. Ask: “Is this a good use of my time or money or energy?” or “Is this the way God would want me to spend my time, my money, my energy?” Questions like these help you get to the foundational issues beneath the choices you are about to make.

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