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From Jim for Men: No One is Beyond Use to God

If you or I ever think God cannot use us in mighty ways because of the adversities we have encountered, think again! If you ever get discouraged because of what seem to be “strikes” against you, take another look! Remember the following facts about the Apostle Paul’s life:

Paul did not become a Christian until he was more than 30 years old.
The majority of people who become Christians come to Christ before the age of 15. But, don’t feel that you forfeit your value to God just because you came to Christ later in life.

Paul did not start his formal ministry until he was over 40.
Most pastoral search committees or companies would never consider the résumé of a man over 40 with little or no experience! This standard would have caused a search committee to pass over the great and powerful apostle Paul as an poor candidate.

Paul did not make his first missionary journey until he was over 45.
Many presume that he missionary field is for young adventurers who are not yet settled in life. Seldom do organizations recruit the middle-aged to the mission field. We erroneously wonder, “What could I do? I’m too old!” We fail to ask, “Who do you think is probably more mature with wisdom and experience to impart–someone in their early twenties or in their early forties?”

Paul did not write his first book of the Bible until he was 49 years old.
This was 15 years after his conversion. Those 15 years gave Paul time to mature in his faith and time to have something to say. And, speaking of adversity, many of Paul’s letters were written while he was a prisoner, chained to a Roman soldier!

In spite of getting a late start in the Christian life and the physical hardships he endured, Paul had a great impact. Paul’s influence began when most men are beginning to pull out of the fast lane. What a challenge this should be to those of us who are getting on in age…say, 40! Two lessons from Paul shout across the centuries to you and me–it’s never too late to serve God, and it’s never too late to change the course of your life so that you can make a difference. No matter how difficult your circumstances, God can still use you to serve Him and others.

Question: How does knowing that Paul became a Christian later in life encourage you in your own walk with God?

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