From Jim’s Heart—Arm Your Children with Discernment

Outside of your home and church, there will be times when your children will be influenced by people who are somewhat beyond your control. Your children will encounter situations and influences that are not godly. This may happen at school, or with neighborhood children, or with others out in the world. You as a parent must provide discernment as much as possible. Who are your children’s friends at school? Where are they spending their time? What are they reading and viewing?

And don’t forget to be training the spiritual sensitivity of your children so they can “distinguish good from evil” (Hebrews 5:14). Your children will grow up, and go off to school or a job. All of these activities are natural and normal. You’re not always going to be there for your children. They will be in situations that require them to make some life decisions on their own. But before that happens, give them wisdom for spiritual discernment. Teach them how to make godly choices on their own. That is the ultimate goal of a godly parent.

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