From Jim’s Heart – Commit to Spiritual Growth

I have to say that my wife, Elizabeth, truly understands and lives her roles and responsibilities as a wife. And I thank God that she desires to be a woman and wife after God’s own heart. But still, I can’t force her to read her Bible, pray, go to church, or be part of a Bible study. Although she loves doing all these things, I realized a long time ago she must make decisions herself. Sure, if she occasionally bogs down, I can pray, hint, suggest, and encourage her, but in the end, Elizabeth must have the inner desire to grow.

And the same applies regarding me. Elizabeth can’t make me grow as a Christian man, husband, or spiritual leader. I have to want to grow.

My friend, the same applies to you and your wife. Neither of you can make the other grow or want to grow in the things of the Lord. So what can a couple do?

First, Talk! Talk about it. Just as communication is the key to your marriage, it is a key to setting a plan for growth.

—Talk about what kinds of materials you could study individually and as a couple.

—Talk about the possibilities of maybe purchasing matching Bibles that have study notes, working through a Bible reading plan, or sharing a devotional book on the names or attributes of God or the life of Christ. You are a unique couple, so aim for a plan that works well for the two of you.

Your ultimate goal is that both of you — as husband and wife — be growing spiritually. Do whatever it takes to encourage each other. Consider making a pact.

Do whatever it takes to solidify your mutual desire to grow spiritually. Your decision and commitment to focus on growing in Christ will be a major step that moves you forward in your quest to become a couple after God’s own heart.

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