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From Jim’s Heart—Developing a Passion for the Church

For many years I lived a lukewarm form of Christianity with little or no involvement in a local church. Call it drifting, call it distraction, call it laziness, call it enamorment with the things of the world, or even sin. Whatever you call it, my heart was not fixed on or consumed with the things of the Lord. Then, by God’s grace, I became aware of the crucial place being a part of a local church should have in my life.

My return to the church began when I met a dynamic Christian man while on the job. God used that one man to ignite within me a new passion for the Lord, for His Word, and for going to church. Then when I began attending church, some godly men began to mentor me and help me grow. The results were literally life-changing, for both me and my family.

Attending church can do that for you and your family, too. If you’re not actively involved, Christ is calling you to “not neglect meeting together” (Hebrews10:25). If you’re not sure whether you’re in the right church, determine to find the best church for you and your family. Determine to be faithful. Determine to be active. Determine to grow. Developing a passion for the church leads to manifold blessings!

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