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From Jim’s heart for men… Becoming a Man of Excellence

Vince Lom­bardi said, “The quality of your life will be determined by the depth of your com­mitment to excellence, no matter what your chosen field.” Excellence is a vital key to anyone who desires to live a life of impact. The secret work of excellence will eventually give outward evidence of a life of internal vitality.

The view of Mount Rainier from our home in Washington illustrates this well. Mount Rainier was created when hot molten lava was pushed from the depths beneath the earth and shot upward toward the sur­face. As I see it, the force of the underground pressure of our inner life pushes our character upward and onward until we too stand tall like a mighty mountain that all can see.

What others see will be the payoff for the time and care you take with your private life with God and your endeavors to become the best you can be. And that, of course, is going to take commitment to excellence.

I’m sure your desire is to do well and be that man of excellence and integrity – to be an all-out man of influence who makes a lasting impact. With that desire in mind, here are some ways you can improve on making and keeping your commitments to excellence.

Determine the areas of your life where greater commitment is needed – How you spend your time and money are the two greatest indica­tors of your focus and interest. So take a look at your calendar and your checkbook and determine what you’ve been committing your­self to. And, ask yourself if these are the right priorities for you as a Christian man. Maybe you need to readjust your priorities. “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Colossians 3:17).

Determine whether you are willing to make a higher level of commit­ment – it costs to be a growing Christian man of influence. It costs to be a man of God. It costs to be the kind of husband the Bible calls you to be. It costs to be a good parent and to be the best at work. And it costs to serve in your church. Commitment to excellence always comes at a cost!

Determine what it will take to keep your commitments to excellence – ask God to help you follow through on the commitments you want to make for His glory and the good of others. And ask someone to hold you accountable to those commitments. Others are looking to you to keep your commitments for the long haul and to provide a model of excellence.

It can be a wonderful thing to be like Mount Rainier, a solid picture of character and consistency, based upon the diligence of excellence applied to the things that matter to God!

A Prayer for Excellence: “Lord, I want to thank You for Your commitment in secur­ing my salvation in Jesus Christ. I ask that You help me stay committed to the standards of Your Word. Please give me wisdom as I determine my priorities. I ask for Your Holy Spirit to strengthen my resolve to follow through on these priorities. May I accept the challenge of living a life committed to You and to excellence. From this day forward, as I seek to become a man of impact, may I be known as one who strives for excellence and the keeping of my commitments, regardless of the cost.”

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