From Jim’s Heart—How Much Do You Value Your Bible?

I’m sure you have heard of rare comic books being sold at auctions for incredibly high prices. But are they truly worth that much? Does a fiction or fantasy tale really have the kind of value that is found in the Bible? Tragically, many Christians don’t value the Bible as they should.

How about you? Do your interests lean more toward entertainment and comic books? Or is your appreciation for the Bible like that of a man in one of Jesus’ parables? This man found a hidden treasure in a field and sold all that he had to buy and claim this one treasure (Matthew 13:44). What was the “hidden treasure”? According to the parable, it was the kingdom of heaven. He believed the things of God are worth far more than the things of this world.

God is not asking you to sell everything or even anything. He is only asking you to give Him your life and spend time getting to know Him and His plan for your life—by reading and studying His Word.

Jim Elliot, a missionary who was martyred while only in his late twenties, said it well:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep
to gain what he cannot lose.

The Bible contains the words of life. Open it to find out what they are!

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