From Jim’s Heart—Mastering God’s Word

When I was young in the Christian faith, a man came to our church to teach a seminar. It was evident that he knew his Bible very well. I admired his grasp of Scripture, and wished I had the same.

After the seminar, I summoned the courage to ask how he came to know the Bible so well. I expected him to say it was his theological training, or his ability to interpret Scripture. But to my surprise, he said it was a lifetime of just reading the Bible regularly, day in and day out.

That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? What a joy it was to realize I—and every believer—could have the same kind of knowledge. All it takes is faithful and consistent reading.

Lord, open my eyes as I read the Scripture. May my heart be like good soil so the seed of Your Word will go deep and produce a good crop. Amen.

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