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From Jim’s Heart—Pay Attention to God’s Word

If you struggle with obeying God, ask Him to give you His strength to obey His commands. That strength will come as you…

  • Faithfully read God’s Word
  • Faithfully hear the teaching of God’s Word
  • Faithfully seek wise counsel from God’s Word
  • Faithfully deal with sin [OMIT in your life] as revealed in God’s Word

Can you see how the Bible is such an important part of every-day life? Your willingness to obey the Lord is key to experiencing God’s blessings, and it will enable you to become a man or woman God can use to make a difference.

Lord, thank You for pouring Your strength into me as I pay more attention attend to Your Word. May every blessing and every trial in my life turn my [omit obedient] attention to obeying Your Word. Amen.

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