From Jim’s Heart – The Power of Obedience

When you consider the extraordinary ways God worked through men such as Moses and Paul, you may think, I can’t measure up to people like them. I don’t have what they had.

But you must realize that these “heroes” of the faith were just common, ordinary people. It was their obedience — their complete yieldedness to God — that gave them uncommon strength and faith. They submitted their lives to God, and God worked through them.

I don’t know about you, but the “heroes” in the Bible inspire me to re-evaluate my own obedience to God. Am I reluctant to listen to God because I think He is asking the impossible? Am I failing to make myself available to Him because I’m doubtful or afraid? Our part is to simply obey, and God will do His part.

God, I see now that You can do anything through me if I will simply yield myself to You. Help me to make myself more available to you today. Amen.

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