From Jim’s Heart — The Value of Goals

What are your goals in life? Have you defined them yet? Goals can help you in dozens of ways. For example,…

Goals give definition — they take daydreams and make them concrete.
Goals give focus — they help you know how to spend your time, and set aside time-wasters.
Goals give motivation — they give you something to aim for; they help prod you onward when the going gets rough.
Goals help you with decision-making — they equip you to make the best decisions about how to spend your time, money, and energy.
Goals help you to have an impact — when you achieve them, you’ll have grown as a person and hopefully others will benefit from your efforts.

So set some goals… and become the kind of person who makes a difference!

Lord, guide me as I assess my goals today. Help me set constructive goals, prioritize them appropriately, and submit them to Your leadership. May my goals lead me to my highest goal of knowing You better each day. Amen.

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