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From Jim’s Heart — Yielding to God

When you consider the extraordinary ways God worked through men such as Moses and Paul, you may think, I can’t measure up to people like them. I don’t have what they had.

But you must realize that these “heroes” of the faith were just common, ordinary people. It was their obedience-their complete yieldedness to God-that gave them uncommon strength and faith. They submitted their lives to God, and God worked mightily through them.

I don’t know about you, but their examples inspire me to re-evaluate my own obedience, and I’m hoping the same for you. Are you reluctant to listen to God because you think He is asking the impossible? Are you failing to make yourself available to Him because you’re doubtful or afraid? Your part is to simply obey, and God will do His part.

Lord, I see now that You can do anything through me
if I will simply yield myself to You.
Help me to make myself more available to You today. Amen

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